WISE Partnership

A Regional Partnership for a Sustainable Water Future The Water Infrastructure and Supply Efficiency (WISE) Partnership is a regional water supply project between Aurora Water, Denver Water and South Metro Water Supply Authority. The agreement was established in 2009, when the parties determined they would collaborate to utilize available resources for the benefit of each participating water provider.

Sharing available water supplies and infrastructure capacity will provide significant benefits to all three WISE partners. This innovative regional partnership for a sustainable water future is one of the first of its kind in the country. It will reduce groundwater reliance and bolster renewable water supplies to the South Metro area, while maximizing the use of existing water assets belonging to Aurora and Denver Water.

Ten of South Metro Water’s 13 members have formed the South Metro WISE Authority and are committed to participation in the WISE Partnership. They include: Centennial Water and Sanitation District, Cottonwood Water and Sanitation District, Dominion Water and Sanitation District, Inverness Water and Sanitation District, Meridian Metropolitan District, Parker Water and Sanita¬≠tion District, Pinery Water and Wastewater District, Rangeview Metropolitan District, Stonegate Village Metropolitan District, and the Town of Castle Rock. Click here to learn more about the WISE Project.


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