Water Ambassadors

The Water Ambassador Program is a water education program serving the south Denver Metro Area since 2009. The program empowers students to make wise choices about how they use water. All participants complete the program understanding that:

  • Water is a precious and limited resource
  • Everyone can make choices to use this resource wisely
  • Understanding water in Colorado will support solutions for the future

For the 2018-19 school year, the program has been completely revised and updated to reflect the changes in academic expectations and teaching methods. Each of the four new presentations was developed to support classroom learning and provide grade-level information and activities. Programs provide in-depth information on local water challenges and solutions by exploring how water moves and is captured for urban use both regionally and, specifically, here in the south metro area.

Our program educators will visit your classroom and provide presentations free-of-charge.

Water, Water Everywhere (K – 2nd grade) Water is all around us — in our homes, our communities and in the natural environment. How do the sun and water interact to create weather and how do we capture that water to use in our daily lives. Second grade students will also explore how weather impacts water levels using maps to analyze how weather and water impact Colorado food production. (30-40 minutes).

Where Does My Water Come From? (3rd – 5th grade) Where does the water in our homes and schools come from? By looking at where water is located on Earth, students start to explore how water is distributed in Colorado and the implications to our growing populations. Students will also explore how water is moved from one place to another and the challenges of water scarcity. (60 minutes).

Natural and Urban Water (6th – 8th grade)  The water cycle is a natural phenomenon, but humans also play a role in how water moves through our communities. Students explore the complex relationship of water, weather and land formations to create watersheds. Students begin to evaluate how we use water and our impacts on the natural and urban water systems. (60 minutes).

Colorado Water (9th – 12th grade) Water is unevenly distributed across Earth. How does this impact water availability around the world and, more specifically, here in Colorado. Students explore where water is most abundant in Colorado and the role the natural environment and man-made infrastructure play in moving the water to where people live. Students will also develop ideas for ways they have the power to impact the urban water system.


To learn more about the Water Ambassador Program or request a presentation,  please email us or complete the form below.