Water Ambassadors


The Water Ambassador Program is a water education program serving the region since 2009. Currently managed by the South Metro Water Supply Authority, the program’s aim is to empower students to make wise choices about how they use water. All participants complete the program understanding that:

  • Water is a precious and limited resource
  • Everyone can make choices to use this resource wisely
  • Water education will support solutions for the future

The program provides in-depth information on local water issues and solutions by exploring how water moves and is captured for urban use both regionally and, specifically, here in the south metro area.

High School Students — Motivated high school students volunteer to become Water Ambassadors and, ultimately, impart what they’ve learned to elementary students. During the high school training, students learn:

  • Why water is important
  • The water cycle and the importance of geography to weather patterns
  • History, law, and politics of water use in Colorado
  • Impact of population on water use, water reuse, and ways to conserve

Once a high school student becomes an Ambassador, they are invited to lead elementary students in a series of hands-on, water-focused activities.


Elementary Students — Elementary students engage in hands-on, science-based activities intended to demonstrate the way water moves on Earth; why water is a precious resource; and, from where our water in south metro Denver comes. Presentations are geared toward students in fourth grade, but can be modified to suit all grades K-6.






To learn more about the Water Ambassador Program or request a presentation,  please email or complete the form below.