Partnership Among Members

Partnerships are at the core of how the South Metro region is addressing our water challenges. binney_partnerships

Historically, our region has relied on the underground aquifer for much of our water supply.  In fact, for some members, 100 percent of their water came from the nonrenewable aquifer as recently as twelve years ago.

We had a challenge to address but we knew that it would be far more difficult if each water provider in the area acted alone.  We needed to come together.  That is why the South Metro Water Supply Authority (SMWSA) was formed in 2004. Together, our 13 water provider members- representing about 80 percent of the population of Douglas County and 10% of Arapahoe County- set out on a mission to develop a supply of renewable, sustainable, and reliable water, and to transition away from the heavy reliance on non‐renewable Denver Basin groundwater. This unified approach to water resource planning will better serve our region.

Not only have our members joined efforts through the partnership that is South Metro Water Supply Authority, they also have formed partnerships among themselves to collaborate on projects to provide new and renewable water supplies and infrastructure that help secure our region’s water future. These projects and partnerships include:  South Metro Water Supply Authority Members

Through increased negotiating power and collaborative support for new projects we are transforming the region’s water supply and creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

SMWSA’s 13 current members include Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority, Castle Pines North Metropolitan District, Centennial Water and Sanitation District (serving Highlands Ranch), Cottonwood Water and Sanitation District, Dominion Water and Sanitation District, East Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District, Inverness Water and Sanitation District, Meridian Metropolitan Districts, Parker Water and Sanitation District, Pinery Water and Wastewater District, Rangeview Metropolitan District, Stonegate Village Metropolitan District, and the Town of Castle Rock.


To Learn about additional member projects, please visit our Member Projects page.