The Path Forward

While significant progress has been made in our efforts to shift to a sustainable supply of renewable water, more is needed to ensure that our water future is secure.

A four-point plan

South Metro Water and our 13 members have worked hard since we joined forces in 2004 to secure our region’s water future. We have made tremendous progress, but our job is not done. We have a four-point plan to ensure continued progress. These efforts, coupled with the progress that has been made, will help ensure a secure water future for our region for generations to come.



Increase renewable water supplies by 30,000 acre-feet

Our members have planned several projects that will yield approximately 20,000 acre-feet of additional renewable water. South Metro Water members will pursue other projects to meet the additional 10,000 acre-feet.



Manage the quality of our new water supplies

We will manage the total dissolved solids (TDS) of the new water supplies by acquiring supplies with low TDS or utilizing desalination treatment technologies to reduce salinity in supplies with elevated TDS.



Increase water storage capacity

South Metro Water members are exploring additional surface storage, such as the Chatfield Reallocation Project and the potential for underground storage through Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR).



Continue to enhance conservation and efficiency initiatives

New programs and projects will be pursued to continue the commitment by South Metro Water members to conservation and efficient water use.