Membership Benefits

Through increased negotiating power and collaborative support for new projects, we are transforming the region’s water supply and creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

Strength through partnerships

Water is an essential component of all communities. The South Denver metro area has traditionally been reliant on non-renewable groundwater. The region needs to obtain new renewable water supplies and develop additional water storage and other infrastructure to secure a sustainable water future. This is critical to supporting the strong economy in our region, protecting property values, and maintaining an outstanding quality of life.

South Metro Water Supply Authority (SMWSA) members recognize that we are stronger when we work together. Collaboration creates opportunities to partner on new water projects, builds a stronger regional voice on water issues, and benefits water customers through greater efficiencies and economies of scale. SMWSA was founded in 2004 on unifying partnership principles, shared investments in projects and infrastructure, and gaining efficiencies through reuse and conservation.

Benefits of an SMWSA Membership


Opportunities to participate in innovative water projects that add new renewable water supplies to our community and water customers.


An open environment that promotes the exchange of ideas, networking opportunities, and a space to explore cooperative projects as new opportunities are identified through shared consulting.

Regional Voice

A collective voice on water policy and issues in Colorado and in Washington, skilled lobbying services, legal services to protect collective interests and programs of our members, and public relations services.


An Executive Director that is extensively involved with Colorado water resource issues, two professional engineers, a water distribution operator, and in-house accounting and human resources support.


Because of South Metro Water Supply Authority and its members, the South Metro region is on a path to a secure water future, has become a leader of influence on water issues in Colorado, and has established the region as a pacesetter in conservation and efficient water use.

Eric Hecox, Former Board President | South Metro Water Supply Authority