Master Plan Summary

Since its inception, the SMWSA and its 13 water provider members have worked together to develop new renewable supplies, to become leaders in water conservation and efficiency in the state, and significantly reduce groundwater level depletions.

While we have made immense progress, our job is not yet done. The 2016 Master Plan Update, along with other regional efforts, identifies a number of efforts we plan to pursue in the months and years ahead to continue to reduce our reliance on non‐renewable groundwater and enhance our water stewardship within the


Our priorities moving forward include:

1. Developing an additional increment of renewable water supply, about
30,000 acre‐feet
2. Increasing storage (surface and ASR) to firm existing and new supplies
3. TDS management for new supplies and WISE
4. Conservation and efficiency initiatives by individual members and as a

These efforts, coupled with the progress that has been made, will help ensure a
secure water future for our region for generations to come.

Download the Master Plan Overview