Statewide Leaders Express Support for WISE

“By working together, the three major water entities serving the Denver Metro area have put the southern communities of Denver on a more secure and sustainable path while delivering benefits to the entire region as well as West Slope communities. The approach is a model for us to replicate as Colorado’s Water Plan is implemented.” –Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper

“This project is reflective of the regional and statewide collaboration the State Water Plan calls for to meet the future water needs of Coloradans. The broad financial support from Basin Roundtables across the state reflects the cooperation and smart approach that the Denver metro area’s leading water providers have taken.” –former state Representative Diane Hoppe, chair of the Colorado Water Conservation Board

“WISE is an excellent example of the kind of water project that the CWCB would like to see emulated throughout Colorado. It produces multiple benefits for multiple water interests from the front range to the western slope while meeting the critically important need of helping the south metro area reduce its historical reliance on nonrenewable groundwater. Not only do the families of the south metro region benefit from this, but all of Colorado benefits.” –Patti Wells, Colorado Water Conservation Board member

“As the former representative of Colorado on the Upper Colorado River Commission and as Colorado’s representative to negotiations among the seven Colorado River Basin states, the U.S. and Mexico, I am particularly invested in the long-term health and viability of the Colorado River. WISE is an important example of a project that, through regional and statewide collaboration, will secure a reliable supply of renewable water for Front Range communities while also protecting the Colorado River. It is my hope that other regions will look to WISE as a model for the future.” –John McClow, Colorado Water Conservation Board member

“The Colorado Basin applauds the WISE participants for their forward thinking and collaborative approach. WISE benefits not just the Front Range but the West Slope as well. The project enables the metro region to re-use its trans-mountain supplies, thereby reducing the need to look to other regions for water supply. In addition, the WISE agreement is an integral part of the Colorado River Cooperative Agreement under which the West Slope receives funding to help meet our water project and environmental needs.” –Jim Pokrandt, chair of the Colorado Basin Roundtable

“WISE is a great project because it takes advantage of reusable water supplies and reduces the need for agriculture transfers and future water diversions from the West Slope. We commend the South Metro Water Supply Authority and its partners for the collaborative approach they have taken with WISE.” –Michelle Pierce, chair of the Gunnison Basin Roundtable

“We applaud the collaborative approach South Metro Water Supply Authority and its partners have taken with the WISE project, which benefits multiple water interests throughout the state while providing a new sustainable water supply for the South Metro area. This is an excellent example of a smart, regional approach to solving important water challenges.” –Jon Hill, chair of the Yampa/White Basin Roundtable

“We are excited and grateful for the broad, statewide support for this important project. This is a significant part of our region’s plan to transition to a more secure and sustainable water supply, and benefits of WISE extend throughout the region and to the West Slope.” –Eric Hecox, executive director of the South Metro Water Supply Authority