Success Stories

Trees and MountainsOur members are focused on educating customers about the importance of conservation and ways to achieve it. At the same time, they are creating new models to do even more:

  • South Metro Water’s regional Water Ambassadors programs enlists hundreds of young volunteers in local schools to learn and teach others about water conservation.
  • 98% of Douglas County residents and businesses served by central water service are now covered by a State-accepted water conservation plan.
  • Providers serving Highlands Ranch and Castle Rock are two of only three in the state to put water customers on a water budget that tracks use by household.
  • Cottonwood and Inverness have assigned a water allocation to each customer served based on studies that determine exactly how much water is needed for outdoor needs.
  • Sterling Ranch and Castle Rock are leaders in the state in integrating water efficiency and conservation into real estate development plans. These approaches can reduce home water use by as much as two-thirds compared to the amount used by a typical new Colorado home.
  • Inverness provides rebates for replacing turf with low water use landscaping.