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Our Mission

The mission of South Metro Water is to support our members and partners and the communities they serve by being a champion for sustainable water development, facilitating collaboration on new projects and initiatives, and effectively delivering programs and services.

South metro water and our members work toward a sustainable water future


Developing new renewable supplies


Leading water conservation and efficiency in Colorado


Significantly reducing depletions in groundwater levels

Our Challenges

Water is what makes the South Denver Metro area's incredible quality of life and growing economy possible. Yet, we live in a semi-arid region with an average rainfall of less than 20 inches per year. Historically, our region has relied on non-renewable underground aquifers for much of our water supply.

These aquifers alone do not provide a sustainable supply for our community today or for the families and businesses who will call our region home in the future. To read more about why this challenge is so important to the South Metro region's economy, property values and quality of life, visit our History page.

Our Goal

Together we are executing a plan to provide a secure and sustainable water future for the region. This unified approach better serves our members and their customers. Through increased negotiating power and collaborative support for new projects, we are transforming the region’s water supply and creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

We must conserve, diversify and increase our water supply to protect home values, jobs and provide a community our children and grandchildren can call home.

Our Four-Point Plan


Increase renewable water supplies

30,000 acre-feet of additional renewable water supplies by 2065


Develop additional storage

Both surface and underground storage to help secure existing and future supplies


Manage water quality

So we can squeeze every drop out of the water we have


Conserve and use water efficiently

Becoming even better stewards of this precious resource



Supports jobs


Improves quality of life


Protects property values


Provides for future generations


Supports economic growth


Encourages community- based solutions