Water Ambassadors

The Water Ambassador Program is a water education program serving the south metro area under DCWRA management since 2009 and transitioning to SMWSA beginning in 2014. The purpose of the program is to teach younger generations 1) that water is a precious and limited resource; 2) we must each do our part to use this resource wisely; and 3) we should be educated in and support solutions for the future. This program is focused on providing in-depth information on local water issues and solutions. It provides a comprehensive view of how water works in the western United States and, specifically, here in the south metro area.

Through the program, motivated high school students volunteer to become Water Ambassadors and, ultimately, impart what they’ve learned to elementary students. During the high school training, students learn about why water is important, the water cycle, weather patterns, and the history, law, and politics of water use in Colorado. Other topics covered are the fundamentals of water rights, an overview of water projects, and impact of population on water use, water reuse, and ways to conserve. Once a high school student becomes an Ambassador, they lead elementary students in a series of activities including assemblies, classroom presentations, and hands-on water-specific exercises. Since it began, the program has educated over 23,000 students and their families in the region.

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